Saturday, April 7, 2007

Where Have All The Wii's Gone?

We live in a country built on mass consumerism. If you've got money to spend, there's a store with a product to sell you. It's the American way. But apparently, it's not the Japanese way. And this brings us to our question - where the hell are all the Wii's?

According to Wikipedia, the Wii was released here in the states on November 19, 2006 to rave reviews. Everyone and their brother had to have one. Lines stretched for miles, the black market was overrun with Wii's, and men and women alike performed unspeakable sexual acts just for the opportunity to purchase a console. Combine that with the holidays, and the console supply was understandably scarce. But that was 6 freakin' months ago.

Here we are, April 2007, and the Nintendo isle is still surprising bare at most retailers. Small shipments arrive once every few weeks, and sell out faster than the Rolling Stones during a halftime show. About the only store that gets a steady supply of stock is the Nintendo World Store in NYC.

So what's going on? Some are speculating that N is holding back consoles so their profit margins don't get too out of whack. At this point, that's about the only reason there could be. There's certainly no manufacturing issues - the damn console is a GameCube in a rectangular case.

Whatever the reason, this nonsense has to stop. Gamers have been waiting patiently for months now, but the frustration levels are rising. Nintendo needs to ship a whole bunch of these things ASAP, and retailers need to put them on the shelves immediately. No more of that waiting for the Sunday sale crap. As an American, it's my right to throw my money away on frivolous items that I don't really need. God Bless America!

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