Thursday, April 19, 2007

Looking For An Xbox 360 Elite A Little Early? Target May Be Your Hookup

Are you a gamer looking for something to plug into the HDMI port on that shiny new flat screen? Or maybe you're running low on HD space due to all that horse armor. If so, the Xbox 360 Elite may be for you. Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until April 29 to grab yours. Or you could just go to Target right now.

A story recently popped up on Digg, where someone was able to pick up the Elite at his local Target - he's even got the receipt to prove it. It's no surprise that someone was able to get it early. This kind of thing always happens with special editions. What's surprising is that someone was able to buy the console this early. If it's already made its way to stores, what are they waiting until the 29th for?

But do you want to know the best part of all this? You can walk into a Target and buy a console that's not even officially for sale yet, but you can't buy a Nintendo Wii there, a console that's been on the market for six months! Looks like Microsoft cornered the market on Chinese sweatshops.

For the record, I stopped by my local Target here in New York earlier today, and there were no Elite's (or Wii's) to be had. Plenty of PS3's and Core/Pro 360's, though. Oh, and the display 360 was on the fritz, having overheated, and was giving a "red lights of death" warning. They must have left it on for more than two hours. Gee, I can't wait to brick an even more expensive version of the 360!

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