Thursday, April 19, 2007

Command Your 360 To Get This Demo, And Conquer All Who Stand In Your Way

Who wrote that title? Anyway, it was announced recently that one of the best RTS franchises, Command & Conquer, is coming to the Xbox 360 with C&C 3: Tiberium Wars. The game, already available for the PC, is scheduled to arrive for the 360 on May 10. But, there's a demo coming to the Live Marketplace, and rumor has it that it could be available as early as tonight.

This installment is the first all-new C&C game in a while, and it's just what the series needs to wake things up. It also features FMV cut scenes starring such greats as Billy Dee Williams and Michael Ironside. The FMV thing hasn't been popular for a while, but they set the stage well for the rest of the game, and are not out of place.

The recent announcement of Games for Windows Live by Microsoft means that we could see 360 and PC interoperability on many future titles, but unfortunately, C&C3 is not scheduled to have this right out of the box. Of course, a Live update could change all that, so don't lose hope of pwning 13 year olds on 360s and PCs everywhere.

The download will probably come in at around 1 GB, so be sure to clear off some HD space. After all, the Elite isn't out yet. Or is it...

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