Monday, April 23, 2007

The Next Next Gen In Gaming Starts...A Couple Days Ago

Not content with the current crop of next gen consoles? Do you think the Elite is just a way to make you buy the same damn console a second time? Well then, maybe an Xbox 720 is just what the doctor, and Bill Gates, ordered.

A patent application for a "multi-component gaming system" was recently filed by Microsoft, and some are claiming that it could be the next major console offering from the Redmond gang. MS has confirmed that they're developing the next console, with a tentative release date in the 2010-2011 time frame, but there's no evidence that they've gotten beyond the planning stage. So, this could easily just end up being a patent for a way to connect your Zune to your 360. But who the hell cares about something like that?

So what will the next-next gen bring us? Let's have some speculation from you guys in the comments. Personally, I'm thinking glow in the dark consoles, 17 axis control, and microtransactions - lots and lots of microtransactions. Want to turn on that console? That'll be 100 MS points sucker.

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