Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday Freebie - Defend Your Tower (Not That Tower)

Gaming is an essential part of the PC experience. Without games, you're left to do nothing on the computer but work, shop, and download pictures of naked ladies in compromising positions. You need to keep things fun, and that's where the games come in. But what do you do if you need a quick gaming fix at work? You hit the internet games, like Desktop Tower Defense, a simple yet surprisingly addictive strategy game:

You start out with a certain amount of gold, and you need to buy and position various weapons to kill the enemies that advance on you. For every enemy you kill, you get more gold to buy new weapons or upgrade your old ones. Of course, as you level up, the enemies get tougher, so you need to keep your hardware in top condition.

Regarding strategy, you need to arrange your weapons so that they slow the enemy down. This usually involves creating a sort of maze, as seen above. This gives you more time to blast the hell out of those little creeps. And, while the game can be paused at any time, you can't work on your map with the game paused, so upgrades need to be done in real time, and therefore, timed just right.

The game features numerous difficulty levels, as well as fun and challenge modes. All in all, this is a fun little distraction, and is especially good for killing 15 minutes when you're supposed to be working. You can play Desktop Tower Defense online right here.

Now, for those of you complaining that this isn't much of a freebie, as it's not an actual program, you can grab the Flash file out of your browser's cache and play it at any time, even when no internet connection is available (you'll have to manually load it into your browser). That being said, Adobe will be releasing a standalone Media Player later in the year that will allow users to interact with all their Flash content while offline, so be sure to look for that in a future Friday Freebie.

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