Friday, April 13, 2007

Master Shake And The Crew Finally Hit The Big Screen - Boston Put On High Alert

Everyone's favorite late night, low budget, basic cable cartoon is finally hitting the big screen this weekend. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters promises to be 90 minutes of bullshit the likes of which you have never seen. And what else would you expect from the Adult Swim gods?

We all remember the nonsense involving the viral marketing campaign for the movie in Boston, and I'm happy to report that the city hasn't blown up anything because of the release of the movie...yet. This is only the opening weekend, after all, so the city still has at least two weeks to go overboard and pull some crazy ass crap again.

Anyone who's an Aqua Teen fan needs to see this movie. Anyone who's not a fan needs to watch the show. Yes, it's weird at first, but after a few episodes, certain brain cells will die off, and you'll be able to enjoy the mind-numbing splendor that is Meatwad, Carl, the Mooninites, and Master Shake (no one cares about Frylock - he's a drag).

So that's it. No reviews, no inside info - just go see the damn movie. It's got to be better than Grindhouse was.

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