Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tuesday Trainwreck - Baseball Is Boring

The GameCube is dead. Yeah, I said it. So what? You wanna fight about it? I didn't think so. Hell, even the big N themselves have kicked the little cube to the curb, in favor of the shiny new Wii. God, I hate that name...

So what does console death mean in this day and age? It means no decent games are coming out. Instead, we get trash like this - Backyard Sports Baseball 2007:

Can't afford a real baseball game for your console? If that's the case, this game is targeted at you. It's also targeted at children under 3, people suffering from some sort of mental retardation, and anyone who enjoys eating lead paint. Basically, those too dumb to know any better, or too poor to care.

Having said that, there's nothing redeeming about this game. Hell, there's nothing redeeming about the sport of baseball. It's just a bunch of prettyboys "adjusting" themselves on a field. They even run and hide inside when it starts raining. Nothing but a bunch of wussies if you ask me. And talk about boring. If I wanted to watch a bunch of guys stand around and do nothing for 3 hours, I'd watch C-SPAN, or go to Home Depot. Now there's a workforce that knows how to kill time.

I guess I should get on with the game review, but honestly, I just don't care about this one. Just trust me when I tell you it's bad. It's really bad. If you're desperate for a cheap baseball game, go hit the used stores and grab a copy of MVP or 2K Baseball from a couple years back. Otherwise, you're just throwing your money away.

(Note: If this feature were called Wednesday Trainwreck instead, the winner would be Luxor 2 on the XBLA. It's an Egyptian-themed puzzle game that's just really boring - baseball boring. You've probably never heard of the first one, since only about 4 copies were sold worldwide. But, since it was a PSP title, 4 copies means that it qualifies as Player's Choice. In any event, stay away, and buy TMNT with those points if you haven't already.)

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