Saturday, April 14, 2007

Super Paper Mario Is A Hit - Okay, That Makes Two Good Games For The Wii...

The big N has got a real problem on its hands these days. Sure, the console seems to be selling well, and Super Paper Mario appears to be a hit. But the fact is, it's a desperately needed hit. The Wii needs a serious infusion of some good games stat, or this system may follow in the GameCube's footsteps.

Think about this - when the Wii first launched, it was all that anyone was talking about. It had an innovative new control system, and it had a new Zelda game. What wasn't to like? And yes, Zelda was great, but a console can't survive on one game. It needs a steady stream of new titles, especially from third party developers, in order to thrive. That's part of the reason why the GC failed, and is also part of the reason why the PS2 was the runaway success last generation.

So how are things starting out this gen for N? Well, so far no good. Third parties haven't come to grips with the new control system yet, and that's held back some of the more promising games (do I really need to mention Red Steel?). Not to mention that online play is completely nonexistent at this point. Oh, and there's a console shortage. Is that enough for now?

Obviously, it's too soon to proclaim the Wii DOA. But Nintendo, it's time to start getting on the ball and making this console the long-term success that it could be. Bring on Metroid, bring on Mario Galaxy, and for the love of god, bring on online play for something other than Pokemon.

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