Saturday, April 21, 2007

Proof That Some British Comedy Is Actually Funny

Try as I might, I've just never been able to find Mr. Bean funny. There's just something weird about British comedy - it's not funny. But, there are a few exceptions. One of them was the exceptional flick Shaun of the Dead, about the lighter side of zombies (I've said it before, and I'll say it again - zombies are always a hit in a movie). Now, that same team is back in Hot Fuzz.

Hot Fuzz is about a police force in a small British town, where crimes just don't seem to happen. Unfortunately, that's because the "fuzz" are too stupid to see what's going on. Luckily, a former big city super cop is now on their team, and he's setting things right. But that's just the story - the comedy is what makes the movie.

Don't misunderstand here. This isn't some slapstick police movie along the lines of Police Academy. And no, just because that movie wasn't funny doesn't mean that it was British. The comedy in Hot Fuzz is secondary, almost played down, and that's what makes it so laugh out loud funny. Trust me, you will like this movie.

If you haven't seen Shaun of the Dead yet, now is a great time to snag the DVD. And then hit the theaters for Hot Fuzz, which opens this weekend. But be sure to check the net, as the film seems to have a limited release.

Come to think of it, I guess all British comedy isn't bad. After all, Benny Hill was a Brit, and he was great. Or was it just the half naked girls he used to chase around? Now that's good TV.

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