Wednesday, April 18, 2007

If You're Not Down With Jeremy Piven, He's Got Two Words For Ya - Smokin' Aces

You've probably heard of this little HBO series called Entourage. It stars Jeremy Piven as movie agent Ari Gold, a Hollywood player that wheels, deals, and makes all the big moves. Sure, there are a few other characters on the show - some actor dude and his friends - but Piven is where it's at. He's the man, on screen and off.

That brief yet frightening journey into the realm of Jeremy Piven's universe was brought to you by the Atomic Playground. We now return you to your normal dimension, where Jeremy Piven is just a small-time schmuck with a chip on his shoulder. He thinks the world revolves around him, and even industry jerks think he's nothing but a d-bag. Despite that, Smokin' Aces is a decent movie, and an even better DVD.

In the flick, Piven plays a Vegas magician turned snitch against the mob, and gets a contract put on his head. This brings all the low-lifes out of the woodwork, with each one trying to take him down and cash in on the bounty, and it's up to two FBI agents to keep him safe for the trial. The flick stars such names as Ben Affleck (it's a good movie despite him), Ray Liotta, Jason Bateman, Andy Garcia, and of course, Jeremy Piven. It's packed with great action sequences, guns, a unique cast, and is overall a really fun movie. Just don't expect too much from it.

But as I said earlier, the DVD is where this one shines. It's loaded with extras, including commentary, deleted scenes, and more. So don't hesitate to pick this one up - just don't pay more than $15 bucks for it, unless you're going the hi-def route.

And after you watch it, get down on your knees and thank the good lord above for blessing us with an acting talent like Jeremy Piven. He's as good as (Ari) Gold. That was terrible...

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