Thursday, April 19, 2007

Another PS3 Firmware Update - Time To Dig Up That Damn USB Cable

All the Sony fanboy chatrooms were abuzz today, what with the release of firmware 1.70 for the PS3. It's hard to believe that people still get excited about these releases - they're so frequent, you could practically set your watch by them. And there's nothing I like more than the opportunity to brick my console as many times as possible.

Here's what's included in version 1.70:
  • PSOne downloaded games are now playable on the PS3
  • Saves from the PS3 can now be used on the PSP (i.e., PSOne saves)
  • Vibration support has been added to emulated PS1 and PS2 titles (all older titles now support vibration when you put the disc in your PlayStation 3)

Personally, there's nothing there that really sparks my interest. New games cost enough that I don't need to throw money at downloading old ones, no matter where I can play them. And if I want to play a PS1 or PS2 game that I already own, I'll use that console, and have all the rumble I want. But, I guess that makes too much sense.

It's worth mentioning that in order to take advantage of said rumble on legacy titles using the PS3, you'll need a USB controller, or a USB adapter for your PS2 controller. They're easy enough to find on the web, but it's just one more thing to buy.

I realize that it sounds like I'm ragging on Sony, but the truth is, I'm happy to see these updates. Sony has always said that they're thinking long term with the PS3, and it's great to see them continuing to develop and refine the software. And all for free, no less. They've still got some catching up to do with regard to Microsoft, but they've made significant progress over the past six months. At this point, it's probably just a matter of time.

I do have just one request for Sony, though - stop making me plug in the damn controller every freakin' time I do a firmware upgrade! It's a total PITA! I realize it probably has something to do with the way Bluetooth works, but come on - you guys are smart - figure out a solution. If Japanese engineers could defeat Godzilla, surely they can slay the Bluetooth dragon as well. Just get some help from Mothra.

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