Wednesday, May 2, 2007

It's Finally Okay To Play Video Games At School

Personally, I never got the whole DDR thing (that's Dance Dance Revolution for those of you completely removed from reality). I make lazy an art form, so any game that makes me get off my duff and actually perform some type of physical activity is strictly verboten. But someone seems to like these games, as there's no shortage of them for just about any console you can think of. Even arcades aren't safe. arcades even exist anymore?

Anyway, there's one good thing about DDR - it's bringing games to school. Now kids can get their fix without sneaking their DS into class and risking detention. A large number of schools across the country have decided to incorporate DDR into the phys. ed. curriculum, giving kids an alternative to the kickball and ping pong that we grew up playing in school. The hope is that video games like these will make it fun for kids to get some exercise, so they can shed all the McDonald's pounds in time for the prom.

Who knows - maybe this is just the start of things to come. If video games get a legitimate foothold in schools, how much longer will it be before standardized testing is replaced by Big Brain Academy, driver's ed. is replaced by Gran Turismo, and algebra is replaced by Grand Theft Auto? If they had that when I was in school, I might have gone more often. Yeah, probably not...

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