Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Future Of Nintendo, According To Some Random, Anonymous Dude On The Internet

The internet is great. It allows all sorts of information and facts to make their way across the world in seconds. It also means that any schmuck with a keyboard can post whatever random thought he wants for millions to see. This site is proof of that.

Nintendo recently held a media summit, aka a "pre-E3 showing off for the press on our own terms" event. Here, they supposedly displayed the games that were on tap for the rest of 2007, as well as a few teasers for what 2008 would hold. Of course, all this information is very hush hush, held secret under embargoes and non-disclosure agreements. But that didn't stop an alleged attendee from posting the big N's secrets for all to see.

In a story that appeared on Nintendo Galaxy this weekend, the poster claimed knowledge of release dates for games like Super Smash Bros. Brawl (11/12/07) and Super Mario Galaxy (12/10/07), as well as providing details on these games and Metroid Prime 3. And for 2008, he claimed that new Animal Crossing and Mario Kart titles, just to name a few, would be on the way.

By far, though, the biggest piece of "news" in his post had to do with a short teaser trailer for what the poster claimed is a new Zelda game, presumably for the Wii. Now this is were I call shenanigans. Everything up to this point was somewhat believable. But a new Zelda game? Granted, Twilight Princess hasn't exactly been a smash hit for the Wii - it is just a souped-up GameCube game, after all - but it's only been on shelves for 7 months. If a new Zelda game is in the works, it has to be a good 2-3 years off.

Honestly, this is all probably just a bunch of net bull. But it's still fun to talk about. And who knows? Come July, maybe we'll all be talking about the brave soul that defied Nintendo and brought us this golden information early. Then again, maybe monkeys will fly out of my ass.

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