Monday, March 12, 2007

Nothing Says Snazzy Like A Cape

Captain America may have just bitten the dust, but it's still a good time for superheroes - even old school ones. And when you think of a superhero, who else comes to mind but the one, the only, Superman. But this time, it's not about a crappy live action movie. No, sir. This time, it's a crappy, direct to DVD, animated movie. Yeah, now we're talking.

Actually, the whole death motif is rearing its ugly head once again, as this movie will be a film adaptation of the comic book "Death of Superman" ark from back in the 90's. This was an excellent story, about Superman's battle with Doomsday and his subsequent death. Okay, maybe that ending wasn't so good...

Despite my initial reaction, this movie does have a shot at being good. Anyone who remembers the Superman animated series from a decade ago knows that it didn't suck. And the Justice League/JLU series recently on Cartoon Network was critically acclaimed - by comic book geeks and nerds everywhere. But hey, those guys have high standards.

I'd be more excited about this project if it premiered on TV first, since it would suggest higher production values. Then again, it's possible this could be aimed at an older audience, and could be drawn in a darker, more modern perspective. I think a lot of the fans would appreciate that. It would go a long way in making up for steaming pile of kryptonite that was the last live flick.

This should at least be worth a rent - the man of steel has earned that. And as for Captain America, don't shed too many tears. Superheroes don't tend to stay dead for very long.

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