Wednesday, March 7, 2007

It's Sexy Time In Your Very Own DVD Player

No one expected it to be a hit. A character from a little-known HBO series on the big screen? It had disaster written all over it. Even the production company didn't think it would fly, releasing it on a limited number of screens. But for some reason, people liked it. And it was Borat.

The premise is simple - a representative from the country of Kazakhstan comes to America to see all that the land of milk and honey has to offer. And, in the process, makes a whole bunch of Americans look like idiots. I can't believe that in this age of reality TV, people thought this recipe wouldn't be a hit...

You're supposed to believe that Borat is a real person, and that the film is really a documentary. That's the real reason the execs thought the film was doomed - cool kids don't like documentaries. Too many opportunities to learn something in those. But this is what's known as a "mockumentary". In the end, no really learns anything, and the stars make a lot of money. Win freakin' win.

And speaking of money for Sacha Baron Cohen, there's more to be made. The DVD came out this week, and will undoubtedly sell a whole pile of copies. So don't be left out - go pick one up. All the cool kids are doing it.

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