Friday, March 16, 2007

Master Chief Is A Sellout

There's been a lot of special edition and collector's edition video games released over the past few months, including Madden and Gears of War. They usually come with a bonus disk of some kind, and are really just an excuse to charge the fanboys ten extra bucks for the same damn game. But we're hitting a new low with the much anticipated release of Hal0 3, and it's called the Legendary Edition.

Now this isn't a replacement for the special edition. No, that's still available. Instead, this release is even more special. What makes it that way, you ask? You get your very own replica Master Chief helmet. Oh, and you get to spend $130 on an Xbox 360 game. $130!?! Talk about legendary. That's more than double the price of a standard game, and all for a stupid helmet? For that kind of cash, I want the CEO of Bungie to personally deliver the game to my house, place it in the console, get me a beer, and scratch my ass for me. And I'll still want some change back!

Seriously, this is getting a little over the top everyone. Do people actually see this as being some sort of collector's item, or a piece of history? Does anyone think that a sealed Legendary Edition is going to rake in the large coin on eBay in 10 years? By that time, we'll be waiting on Halo 6, with it's oh-so-affordable $470 Apocalypse Edition featuring a replica Master Chief trucker hat. Get 'er done, Bungie.

Gamers really need to take a step back and focus on what's important here - video games. Who cares about a behind the scenes movie that you're never going to watch, and a stupid helmet that's just going to collect dust on a shelf somewhere until your girlfriend throws it away. Use that money to buy another game that you can actually have some fun with. Or a hooker - you can have fun with them too. The point is, show all the video game execs out there that you're smarter than that, and use your money wisely. Cause if you just buy all the crap that they put in front of you, the good stuff is going to disappear, and that crap is all we'll be left with.

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