Friday, March 30, 2007

Doesn't George Lucas Have Enough Money?

Star Wars has been feeling kind of left out lately. These days, all the talk is about cool new video games and weird internet related crap. The force has grown weak, and the galaxy far, far away seems even farther than ever. Luckily, it's the U.S. Postal Service to the rescue! Strong with the force, the Postmaster General is. (I don't know the Postmaster General's name, and neither do you - let's call him Obi-Wan just for the hell of it.)

Sensing this weakening in the force, Obi-Wan called George Lucas before the intergalactic senate. Hearings were held, and a treaty formed that would guarantee a resurgence in the force. It called for the Trade Federation to suspend the use of their current postal designations, in favor of special limited edition Star Wars stamps. George got a truckload of money for his troubles, and Obi-Wan was hailed as a hero throughout the universe for restoring the force.

Now you can do your part to strengthen the force. Go to the official Jedi Master website to vote on your favorite stamps, and then go buy them when they drop on May 25. It'll probably be the first time some of you actually step foot inside a post office. And probably the last, at least until the limited, exclusive, legendary, collector Star Wars stamp set comes out two weeks later. And don't forget about the special edition DVD featuring footage of the thrilling treaty negotiations between Lucas and Obi-Wan. Oh, and the collectors edition glasses from Burger King signifying the 20 day anniversary of the signing of the treaty. Okay, that's enough of that...

Seriously, is there anything that George Lucas can't make money off of? This guy could market Star Wars toilet paper and he'd make a bundle. Oh wait, there is one thing he's not so good at. Prequels. Actually, I guess that would be three things. Let the flaming begin!

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