Saturday, March 10, 2007

Mud Is Purdy

Okay, something is going on here. It seems like time after time these days, we're hearing nothing but good news for the PS3. It's shocking - what has this world come to? Could it be that the big-a$$ console that couldn't actually can? Maybe. In any event, here's one more for the plus column - MotorStorm.

This game was originally thought to be a launch title, which would have done wonders for the console - the preview videos were spectacular. But that wasn't to be for the U.S., though Japan has had the game for months, albeit without online play. But this one was worth the wait - MotorStorm is possibly the second must-have title for the PS3, right after R:FOM.

Set in the mid-west, the game is all about desert racing. You can ride either a bike, quad, or truck, and hit the trails. Cool item #1 - about a dozen vehicles are in each race, so there's plenty of competition. Cooler item #2 - all of the above vehicles race against each other. That's right, it's mixed action. Like to run those punk motorcyclists down? Get in a truck and go for it. Like to get in fights while going 70 MPH? Get on a bike and lay the smack down. Cool item #3 - riders can fight each other during the race. Yeah, this game spanks it.

There is some bad news. The single player "campaign" kind of bites. One would expect that after unlocking some tracks, you could jump into any course in any vehicle at any time. Wrong. You need to actually play through each event to get to the next, meaning you'll always start with the same races. So you'll get to know those first couple of courses really well. Luckily, the free online multiplayer rocks, so get your jollies there.

Another potential bit of good news - the developer has stated that there will be free downloadable content coming, which could mean new game options and a fix for the single player hijinks above. It could also mean new icons (yawn). They also said paid content will be available, so you can bet that's where the new tracks and cars will be.

Despite the few shortcomings, this game is worth the price of admission. It's somewhere between arcade and sim racer, so it should please all the drivers out there. And the fact that your car and body are totally destructible makes for some excellent in-game views. Don't believe me? Go check out a full review over at IGN here.

Is the PS3 on the road to success? Like I said, maybe. But it's certainly starting to look like a good time to own the console.

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