Friday, February 9, 2007

Tromadance 2007 - How Many Of These Things Are There?

That's right, it's time to review yet another film festival - who knew that Park City, Utah got so much play? This time it's Tromadance, the festival for - you guessed it - films from Troma Entertainment, that wacky bunch who's brought us such cinematic classics as The Toxic Avenger, Surf Nazis Must Die!, and Class of Nuke 'em High. Not to be outdone by those other film festivals, the Troma group has been going out for the past seven years to support truly independent films.

What makes the Troma event so special? For one thing, it's free. Anyone can walk in off the street and watch as many screenings as they want. In fact, that's the point - this event is about giving back to the fans. They're able to do this because everyone "working" with Troma on the festival is actually a volunteer. Fans come from all over the country (and the world) to promote Troma and support its films, along with all the independents. Here's a taste of what this year's festival had to offer:

Viva. This one is for all the guys, as it follows the exploits of a young divorced woman as she embarks on her own sexual revolution. Set in 1972, this homage to the classic sexploitation films of the past is a real treat for the eyes.

Zombie Prom. Yes, the zombie trend made it to every festival this year. But would you expect anything less from a filmfest sponsored by Troma? This time, it's all about young love in the '50s, until an overbearing principal gets between the two kids (not literally, but that would be a good movie too). Anyway, Jonny, distraught over losing his girl, throws himself into a nuclear reactor. But love triumphs over this, when Jonny returns to his darling Toffee as a zombie. Modeled after a horror comic, this musical comedy proves that even zombies need love too.

I'm Keith Hernandez. I don't really know too much about this short film, other than that it's about Keith Hernandez, the former first baseman of the 1986 World Series Champion New York Mets. I just thought I'd mention it because some people probably didn't realize that he's actually still alive. Well, now you know.

With any luck, Troma will continue to bring us their twisted and oh-so-lovable brand of comedy for many years into the future. And hopefully they'll also continue to promote the cause of young independents through festivals like Tromadance. These venues are often the only way for the public to see movies that are created outside the Hollywood sphere, and we can't let the vast pool of talent that exists throughout the world dry up. So, if you find yourself in Utah next January, hitting the "mainstream" festivals, be sure to check out Tromadance for some good fun with real die-hard movie fans.

For more on this year's festival, visit the homepage here.

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