Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Musicals Are Lame - Unless They're About Video Games

I think most guys would agree with the general consensus here on the Playground - musicals are for wussies. But as it turns out, some musicals are okay, as long as they're about a topic near and dear to our hearts. And that was the case this past Monday, when X-Play debuted their musical episode, X-Play The Musical (not the most original title, but hey, at least you know what you're getting).

The X-Play musical sets the premise of Adam and Morgan making a deal with the devil in order to make the best video game in history (and get money, fame, and superpowers in the process). But as with all deals with the devil, things go horribly wrong, and the game is a disaster (it's a Dreamcast exclusive, no less). In the end, the devil makes off with the cash, and Adam and Morgan go back to what they're good at - ridiculing the work of others.

The singing and dancing in this epic are top notch - X-Play is never one to skimp on a theme episode. The truth is, they really made this work (and this is coming from someone who's all-time least favorite Simpson's episode is All Singing, All Dancing, so there's no bias here).

Those of us familiar with the show have come to expect great things from the X-Play bunch, and it's great to see that they're still delivering after all this time. That being said, I'm not hoping for another musical episode anytime soon - one is plenty for me. But hey, keep the fresh ideas coming!

In case you missed it, head over to the X-Play The Musical Episode page to find a future airing. And if you just want more, hit the feature page right here for some downloads and behind the scenes goodness.

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