Monday, July 9, 2007

Cheaper, But Still Classy

For weeks now, Sony has been doing its best to deny the rumors about a potential price cut on its flagship console, the PS3, in order to save the good news for this week's E3 conference. But to paraphrase Wham!, their best wasn't good enough, and the rumors continued. It got worse, in a sense, when adds for a price break on the PS3 started to leak online.

So, now it's official - the PS3 isn't quite as expensive as it used to be! Confirmed by Sony, the 60 GB version of the PS3 will now retail for $499, one hundred dollars less than its previous price. Crazy Kaz had something else up his sleeve, as Sony also took the opportunity to announce a new console variant at the now vacant $599 price point - an 80 GB version bundled with a copy of MotorStorm, one of the best games released on the PS3 to date.

Most believe that this is just the beginning of the good news from Sony. The company has been talking about a rush of new games that are set to come to the console this fall. Up until now, we haven't had too many details on some of them, but that should all change at E3.

This type of news is just what Sony needed to give its failing video game business a desperately needed shot in the arm. Only time will tell, however, if it's enough. Sony has been banking on the value of the PS3's Blu-Ray player this whole time, and so far, that gamble doesn't seem to be paying off. This price cut and a handful of new games may not be enough to pull the PS3 out of last place in the console wars at this time, but it's a step in the right direction. So start saving - sooner or later, you're going to want that black beauty.

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